Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lead Generation Success Tip : See Your Marketing Database as an Indispensable Asset

No doubt that maintaining a clean and updated database is a lot of tiresome work for many companies. Treat your marketing database as your most indispensible asset. Since plenty of people are involved in a complicated sale, it is important that a lot of useful information about a certain prospect is taken in a single location which can be accessible to anyone. Sans centralization, the data has a tendency to get lost in a multitude of campaign-driven lists (email list, direct mail list) and nobody must be obliged to find for information because it only doubles efforts and expenses.

Take note that databases don’t have to be that one giant unit that does everything. The essential database will only include revenue data, geography, number of staff, and other related basics.

To develop a solid database, here are some things to know:
  •  Each single inquiry must be protected as crucial till confirmed otherwise. Always view them as future customers.
  •  Inquiries are still subject to database verification procedure. Verification is almost an endless process. Your databases would never possibly never be 100% correct, still, the rate can be kept within tolerable limits.
  •  Allocate maintenance dependability and settle on processes. Typically, sales staff are not held responsible for updating databases, and marketers do not efficiently know how to utilize the data contained in them. You can choose to hire an individual for regular and continuous telephoning to update the information.
Consequently, the sales team must feel that the database facilitates to do the job better, and an IT team must know what it’s expected of it.
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