Monday, June 18, 2012

Four Things A Great Boss Does Better

If there is anything that can be said about bosses, they are intense. There is no other word that can describe a business leader who does his best in the lead generation business, often taking the initiative and leading the way for his telemarketing team. B2B leads are an important commodity in the business industry, and you sure would want to have the means to gather them. If you, as the leader, want to be at the top in getting more sales leads, then you should practice a few things that great bosses also do. Believe me, it is not impossible for you to do.
  1. Manage time seriously – your time is precious, especially if you are doing a lot of things. So that you can focus on everything, you will need to manage your time very well.
  2. Prioritize tasks accordingly – not all work is the same in importance. Some, like meeting business leads, is necessary, others, like paper filing, can be done later. You should learn to put things in their proper perspective.
  3. Prepare for crisis – yes, even the best leaders can get into trouble in their lead generation campaign. What makes the difference is that they prepare for such events. You should do the same thing for your own.
  4. Learn to delegate – while you want to put your hand in everything, it is often a wise decision to leave certain tasks to others more competent than you. You just have to be sure that your instructions are clear and that you chose the right person to do the job.
What more can you add to the list?
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