Monday, October 21, 2013

Keep Your Best Lead Generation People From Leaving

Employees the most important (and usually under-valued) assets that a company can ever have. Without them, you would not be able to get any real work done. They are the people responsible for dealing with your customers, ensure that your B2B lead generation campaign is working properly, or do a variety of other things that your business will need to fulfill. Now, when it comes to generating sales leads , you need to put the best people in the job. The challenge here would be keeping these best people to you. Without them, you will be having problems in your B2B leads generation efforts. So how will you do it?
Cultivate a positive work culture – you know that your employees will be spending a huge amount of their time in the office. That is why you should put some effort to engage their interest inside the office. Let them know that you have their best interest in mind. Organize company activities that will help employees bond with each other. Making them comfortable to each other inside and outside the office makes it easier for collaboration and coordination to happen.

Align your perks with what your employees need – let us put this way: it would be a waste if you offer your employees a day care service if none of them have children at all. You need to match your benefits and perks on what your employees need exactly. It does not have to be expensive or anything, what matters is that you creatively seek solutions to what they need.

 Know what really motivates them – now this is a very interesting task that you, as the manager, should be best able to do. Since most of your employees are probably millenials, you need to provide them with lots of learning opportunities and chances to lead. An increase in salary would be nice, but that is not necessarily what motivates your employees. What matters is that you show your appreciation to your telemarketing team and that you can make them feel valued.

Provide career opportunities – let us face it, no one really wants to be stuck in their current jobs, and that they would search for opportunities to advance. Actually, that is pretty much the reason why B2B appointment setting specialists move from one company to another. I mean, if you can offer your employees opportunities to advance, your people will have less reason to leave your company.

In any case, you just have to know how to best approach your people. Yes, it can be pretty hard to keep all your employees, but at least you can keep the ones that you have. The means that you employ does not have to be expensive or complicated. All that is required is a little creativity and resourcefulness on your part. If you can succeed in that, then you are in a pretty good spot. You have greater chances of keeping your B2B lead generation team together. You should try it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Boost Employee Participation In B2B Lead Generation

It can be a little bit troublesome to conduct a B2B lead generation campaign, especially if the IT sales leads that you are trying to generate can be hard to obtain. Anyway, this is something that your employees and marketers should be doing. When properly motivated and driven, they will exceed your expectations. Now this is where the challenge is: how to get boost their participation in the business? This requires some skills in management to get your desired results. 

You can do that through the seven steps you can follow below:
  1. Let your employees set their own goals – instead of you handing down the tasks that needs to be done, why not let your people set their own goals and how to review them. This would be even more motivating to them than you telling them what to do. You can always review their plans and either approve or modify it a bit.

  2. Ensure that these goals are within their control – there really is no point giving them goals that they cannot control. I mean, they can do a great job, but if the goals they have is something they cannot directly influence, then they will not be able to make a deal happen. That would be a challenge to your B2B appointment setting campaigns.

  3. See to it that these goals are timely and measurable – at a minimum, your employees should set monthly goals to check on their success rates. In any case, the tasks you and your team has in mind should be tied to a specific time period. Only then will you be able to get concrete details as to the achievability of your IT sales leads targets.

  4. Set small goals along with the big ones – it is all right to plan for the big picture, but that is for you, as the manager, to take care of. In the case of your IT telemarketing team, it would be more ideal for them to focus on the smaller targets that they can immediately handle. By tackling smaller goals first, your employees can better concentrate on their work and reach their goals.

  5. Hold each member accountable – every month, get everyone in the meeting. Let each member state their goals, how they performed, and what their goals for the next month. In this way, everyone can be made aware of what they have to do during the course of their marketing work.

  6. Show your employees real-time results – It always helps if you can show your people the fruits of their labors. Doing that will allow them to understand how their progress will help your company.

  7. Be flexible with the goals – sometimes, you just have to adjust your goals according to the situation. It is fairly easy to develop new goals, as long as you know what you exactly want to achieve. Being flexible will allow you to be better prepared for any challenge thrown your way.

Do these, and your IT lead generation campaign would be more successful.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How To Make Freemium Work For Your B2B Appointment Setting campaigns

Who does not like the thought of getting something for free, only paying for it if you needed specific features not available in the product or service you are currently using? This is actually the very concept of freemium marketing. Since you are offering a product for free, there will be a lot of people coming your way. And since there are a lot of people coming, you can use this as an opportunity to perform a little bit of B2B appointment setting. Still, there remains the question of how you actually do it right. If you screw the nurturing of sales leads due to poor advertising or handling of your freemium offers, then you would are right back to square one. But, if you can pull it off, then it will be your win.

All that remains is for you to understand on where to begin exactly. Since the freemium business model can get really tricky, you have to know what weapons or strategies that you have available.  

Anyway, you could handle this by remembering the following pointers:
1.    Think of customer analytics as your new best friend – you see, it is very important to be connected with your business prospects. Now, in order for you to do that, you have to know just who exactly will be that. Analytics can do that. And if you are really determined to go for the freemium model, then you have to know how to improve your services and the products that you are going to use in the end. With all the data that you can get from the market, there is a really good chance that you will get in touch with the right B2B leads.

2.    Be ready to give away a lot before making money – people love free things, and rarely will they pay for a pricey service when the free, but basic, one works well with them. As a rule, only three percent of your free users will upgrade to premium service. Unless you have the capacity to handle all the processing volume of your free users, then using the freemium business setup may not be the ideal set-up for your business. But if you can handle it, then why not? Increasing the number of users can be good for marketing purposes, as well as increasing the number of potential premium customers.

3.    Gradually increase your charges – but you have to make sure that it is your users that drive up the charges, not you. Let them consume more bandwidth or use more equipment, then charge them accordingly. It also helps if you follow the subscription model of phone companies, offering plans and packages depending on the usage rates of your customers. You can leave the explaining to your telemarketing team, then.

There are a lot of other factors that you have to consider when it comes to using a freemium business model to fire up your appointment setting campaign. Still, the three pointers raised here would play a very important role in your marketing efforts.­
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