Monday, May 7, 2012

Staying Motivated While Still Getting B2B Leads

Appointment setting can be a very stressful job, and that can be a huge drain on the morale of any telemarketing team you have. Getting tired on the job can be a very bad thing for your appointment setting campaign. You will have to find a way to motivate your employees to push themselves. After all, B2B leads are very important assets for you, and are the type you would not want to waste. If possible, you would want to grab all the business leads that you can get. So, how do you go about motivating your team?

First, make your employees feel that they are valued for their efforts. If they succeed in snagging those hard to get sales leads, you should announce the success to everyone. If they seem to be a bit sluggish than normal in their performance, you should ask them if there is anything wrong. If it is something within your power, then extend them some help. Also, cut them a little slack, since each business prospect has their own needs and a different approach in order to turn them into B2B leads. And lastly, if you have seen them work hard, then reward them with a little fun and relaxation. Premier screening of a film, a trip to the beach, or maybe a simple stop to a restaurant will make them feel appreciated (and most likely to work harder next time).

So that is how it is. Sure, money can make them happy, but that is not the most effective. People work best if they are treated well.


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