Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Boost Employee Participation In B2B Lead Generation

It can be a little bit troublesome to conduct a B2B lead generation campaign, especially if the IT sales leads that you are trying to generate can be hard to obtain. Anyway, this is something that your employees and marketers should be doing. When properly motivated and driven, they will exceed your expectations. Now this is where the challenge is: how to get boost their participation in the business? This requires some skills in management to get your desired results. 

You can do that through the seven steps you can follow below:
  1. Let your employees set their own goals – instead of you handing down the tasks that needs to be done, why not let your people set their own goals and how to review them. This would be even more motivating to them than you telling them what to do. You can always review their plans and either approve or modify it a bit.

  2. Ensure that these goals are within their control – there really is no point giving them goals that they cannot control. I mean, they can do a great job, but if the goals they have is something they cannot directly influence, then they will not be able to make a deal happen. That would be a challenge to your B2B appointment setting campaigns.

  3. See to it that these goals are timely and measurable – at a minimum, your employees should set monthly goals to check on their success rates. In any case, the tasks you and your team has in mind should be tied to a specific time period. Only then will you be able to get concrete details as to the achievability of your IT sales leads targets.

  4. Set small goals along with the big ones – it is all right to plan for the big picture, but that is for you, as the manager, to take care of. In the case of your IT telemarketing team, it would be more ideal for them to focus on the smaller targets that they can immediately handle. By tackling smaller goals first, your employees can better concentrate on their work and reach their goals.

  5. Hold each member accountable – every month, get everyone in the meeting. Let each member state their goals, how they performed, and what their goals for the next month. In this way, everyone can be made aware of what they have to do during the course of their marketing work.

  6. Show your employees real-time results – It always helps if you can show your people the fruits of their labors. Doing that will allow them to understand how their progress will help your company.

  7. Be flexible with the goals – sometimes, you just have to adjust your goals according to the situation. It is fairly easy to develop new goals, as long as you know what you exactly want to achieve. Being flexible will allow you to be better prepared for any challenge thrown your way.

Do these, and your IT lead generation campaign would be more successful.


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