Thursday, November 28, 2013

Work Essentials Of Effective B2B Telemarketing Employees

Your employees are your biggest assets in B2B telemarketing. Let no one say contrary to that. This is the reality that many marketers and companies tend to forget these days. With the advent of modern marketing tools and automated sales leads generation systems, most make the mistake that the human factor is no longer needed in B2B lead generation. How far from the truth! When you plan or promote your business, you need the input of the human factor (your telemarketing team) in order to come up with winning business strategies. Now, for your people to be at the top of your game, you should provide them with what they need in order to succeed, basically the essentials. And what are these?
Freedom – you want creativity to flow in the workplace, right? For that to happen, you need to give your people freedom to experiment. They need to be free to try new things, to learn new skills, to test their ideas, etc. Creativity gets stifled by a strict environment.

Targets – when given a goal, employees tend to work effectively towards reaching it. They have something tangible to reach, something that can give meaning to what they are doing. Having a goal can do that.

Mission – employees who feel part of the bigger goals of the company tend to have a sense of ownership in it. They see that the success of the company will also be their success, so they will make an effort to ensure that your company will be successful as well.

Expectations – yes, while you should give them freedom, you should also be clear on what you expect from their forays into experimental B2B lead generation strategies. It does not have to be something elaborate. You just want to give them a guide.

Input – while you alone make the big appointment setting decisions, you should also take into consideration the viewpoints of your own people. Sometimes, the insights they provide can give you a better perspective on what you should be doing in your marketing campaign.

Connections – not just with you, but with each other. Establishing open communication between them and yourself can help establish a better working relationship with them. Being open helps in getting them to speak up about anything that could help your business.

Consistency – be it for praising their success or reprimanding them for failure, you need to be consistent with everyone in the company. It will not look well for your leadership if your employees sense that you are playing favorites.


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